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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Software You Cannot Live Without

Email marketing is a technology that many businesses and private parties alike have need for. With all of the premium options out there, it almost seems as though there aren’t enough quality free open source email marketing software applications and programs out there that can compete. Here you will find a short but concise list of the best web based software out there that is free to use, and that offers a lot of functionality without you ever having to open your wallet.


So what exactly is this software? Basically this is a bit of freeware that allows a business to regularly reach an infinite amount of potential or existing customers about upcoming promotions, sales, or the like. This is an instant stream of information that can generate business in a matter of hours, and has the potential to grow in scale with each time that you send it out.


It begins with comprising the list of your customers or local potential customer’s email addresses. With this information, that nearly everyone has and mostly everyone is willing to share, you are able to have a steady stream of communication with those that have already expressed an interest in what you are doing with your business, your products, or your service. So you’ve got the addresses, so what software is the best for you? Below you will find 5 unique free open source email marketing service options to choose from.



ReachmailIf you are looking for a simple way to dive right into sending out your emails, ReachMail is a great way to get the ball rolling. They allow you to have a free plan, which allows for up to 5,000 contact email addresses. Without paying for a plan, you are able to send 15,000 emails a month. They also offer a feature that survey each set of emails that you send out and notifies you when an email address that you are using is no longer functional. They offer templates to use, the custom templates are only available on their premium plans though so your options are a little more limited with the free version.



Mail Chimp


If you don’t quite need an ability to have 5,000 customer emails saved yet, Mail Chimp might offer a better set of features for you. This allows you to easily import upwards of 2,000 email addresses and to send 12,000 emails a month with no fees. Their low cost monthly plan makes the amount of emails that you can send unlimited. Users suggest that the monitoring of these emails when they are delivered is difficult to determine against other options in this list. It’s one of the largest email providers you can find online.


Elite Email

Elite EmailThis is a low contact number program. If you are just getting started out with email marketing, this could be an ideal program for you. It offers an unlimited amount of emails that you can send throughout the month with up to 500 contacts that you can add. It also offers analytics that tell you where people are reading your emails. The main drawback according to users is the lack of a mobile application to send out emails while you are on the go.


Mad Mimi

Mad MimiThis is designed for the very small business. Free plans go up to only 100 contacts, but allow for an unlimited number of emails to be sent. This is an ideal service for the very small business with a marketing person who isn’t exactly familiar with HTML and how to make nice looking marketing emails. They will show you how to send a promotional email with ease.These have completely customizable templates and a very positively reviewed customer service staff available to walk you through the process. See for yourself.



CampaynThis is another 500 contact limit system with a great customer service rating. You are able to send upwards of 20,000 messages a month without paying for a plan. What makes this service unique is that it offers opt in email coding that you an embed on your website which can allow people to put in their email address and be added directly to your Campayn mailing list for future emails.

These are a few of the best free source email marketing solutions out there. As you delve deeper into what your particular company needs, you might find that more contacts are a necessity or you have way fewer contacts than you initial projected. You might find the importance of things like double opt in email (which sends a link to an email address so they confirm that they own the address) and so on. Either way you can’t go wrong with getting your message out there with one of the above listed programs.

Let us know what you think of these services.


How to Use Free Wi-Fi Safely

With all our lovely devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops connecting to a free wifi area, we connect without thinking about it. Sometimes we forget particularly with work items there needs to be some privacy.


The heart of the matter is many companies work hard to keep your data safe for public wifi safety. According to Skycure, nearly one in ten threats to the network happen while employees use networks with “free” in the name. Nothing to be fearful about, but mostly to be aware. Best of all there exists some practices that will increase public wifi safety.


  1. Consider which free Wi-Fi spot to connect to. A common attack is man in the middle. It happens since someone with a bit of knowledge can set up a Free Wi Fi network and instead of bridging they ransack the data. Stick to networks of known businesses, education, or public libraries.


  1. Turn off file sharing. More and more our devices serve multi-purposes, and we send items across networks to colleagues. Find your Control panel, go to Network and Sharing Center, and then to Change Advanced Shared Settings. Under Public heading find the toggle for file sharing and switch to off.


  1. VPN it. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Making your own network allows encryption just making it more difficult to snatch your information.


  1. When on Free Wi-Fi don’t download software updates. Often it is malware instead of an update.


  1. Consider stwo factor authentication. What it does is if someone manages to find the public wifi password while on Wi-Fi the second layer prevents use of it other than an initial log in.


Most interactions with devices and free Wi-Fi go smoothly with your data left intact. Taking a few precautions with priority data makes your life easier and work flow bette

Fast Internet Speed

How To Optimise Your internet connection For Faster Internet

Internet speed is one of the concerns of the average homeowner. So understanding all of the working parts involved with how to make internet connection faster can help you to do more with the internet you have. There are several different simple things that you can try that should bolster your speed, as well as some more skilled approaches to getting the most out of your connection.


First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are running the highest internet you can. With so many devices connecting to one home router these days, getting the highest bandwidth available through your provider has never been more of a necessity. A high bandwidth gives you a faster internet, plain and simple. Same counts for a high quality router: it enables you to get faster internet. Great technology gives great results. Here on we always follow the tips we listed in our WIFI article. It ensures a fast and stable internet connection.

Fast Internet Speed

Secondly, if you’ve ever asked “how fast is my internet?” you should take a moment to see where you are at with internet speed tests. These are typically available through the settings of your computer, though there are also reputable websites that can help you as well. From this point on your computer you will be able to access and optimize internet configuration settings too.


There are issues that exist, such as questionable download speeds throughout specific areas of your home, that can be corrected with the use of accessories you can purchase. A range extender is a good example of one of these accessories. This takes the wi-fi signal from your modem and boosts it so that it is stronger all throughout the home and more easily reaches areas where it starts to lose strength.


In the world of ISP speed, which is used to determine connectivity through numerous applications like video/voice chatting and live streaming games, having a reliable and strong connection becomes very important. Most of these applications will offer options within their settings to allow you to configure necessary settings to offer the best performance. If you are still having latency issues with MMO games or video chatting it might be time to start all over.


Perhaps an explanation is in order. Your internet service provider is only going to be able to offer you the best of what they are putting out right now. Generally this contract comes with a modem, but with a little bit of extra spending on your end, you can get a different modem altogether. This new box will be able to take this direct line from your provider and give you a faster stream back than the dated rental modem they provided. Do your research. If you rely on the internet for work or just entertainment, it still might be a worthwhile investment for you to make.

Internet Router

Must Have IOS Applications in 2016

When you consider the amount of smartphone apps that are created each and every year, it is not surprising that a list of the best apps would have to come out to help you sort through them. 2016 saw some really innovative apps hit the market to make your life easier, as well as to take you away from the boredom you might be experiencing somewhere. Below is a six item list with the best iOS apps in no set order.




Navigation is one of the top uses for peoples phones anymore. If you are someone that does a good deal of traveling for your work or leisure time, you might consider Waze as a great addition to your application library. This is a free application that tracks your movement up to the minute. This app recognizes how fast you are traveling and gives you ETAs based on real time travel. It can divert you from traffic concerns, re route you away from accidents and even help you to avoid speed traps. Download Waze here.


Photoshop Fix

Photoshop fix

There are all kinds of camera applications across both major platforms, but the editing of photos is something that has been direly missing for people that want to be able to touch up their photos on the fly. Photoshop Fix is an app that allows people to gain access to a bulk of the tools available in Adobe Photoshop and get their images exactly the way they want them before they are uploaded to social media sites.




While this app is not new to 2016, it is one of the best iOS applications constantly being updated to offer the newest features and the best way for fans to gain access to the music they love. There is a free version of the service which includes some adds and more limited playability, but there is also a premium service charged monthly that allows users to download their favorite tracks, create music stations based on the various artists they love and find new artists that might appeal to them all in one convenient music app. Download Spotify here. Please be aware that if you use this mobile application you use WIFI instead of mobile internet otherwise your monthly bandwidth will be used quickly.


Disney’s Magic Kingdoms

Disney’s Magic Kingdoms

Much in the same line as games like Clash of Clans, entertainment juggernaut Disney has decided to get in on the action as well. In this game you are rebuilding the Magic Kingdom that has been torn apart by Maleficent’s evil magic. There are dozens of classic characters and plenty of reasons to keep replaying this app all throughout the day. Fun apps aren’t difficult to come by, but if you like building games with quests and tasks, Disney might just have a great way for you to spend some of your time.



Money management is something that a lot of people have to get wise about in 2016. The economy all throughout the world seems to be having people pinching pennies and figuring out ways to save for the things that they want without being completely broke at the same time. Mint is an application that helps you track the money that you’ve spent, breaks it into categories, and aids you in developing a suitable budget for your future to keep you on track of goals that you have set.



This is one of those apps that makes you wonder why it didn’t come around sooner. This is an application that is designed to promote other new games and apps coming to the iOS platform, which gives you a digital currency for trying them out for yourself. What can you spend this currency on? How about recharging up your mobile device anywhere you are. You can even recharge someone else’s phone if you felt so inclined. Nothing like this kind of convenient reward for browsing some apps you might have tried out on your own anyway.


These are a few of the best iOS apps in 2016 so far. While there have been hundreds that could have made this list, these have all stood out in their own right based on user activity or ingenuity. Take a bit of time and check each one out and see for yourself how they managed to make this list. Come back on for more information.

How To Protect Yourself from hackers

10 Tips To Secure Your Email Account From Hackers

Being online is becoming more and more risky due to predators and hackers looking to get your personal information. Something as simple as having an email address could be a gateway for hackers to get into your computer and wreak all kinds of havoc with your private life, finances, and your credit. With this in mind it has become more important than ever to take the necessary steps to protect yourself, and your email account, from hackers. How is email hacked? It’s time to find out. Here you will find 10 tips to keep your account safe and hackers out.


  1. Get A Premium Account

There are dozens of widely used email providers online these days. Most of these offer free accounts to people, which makes them among the most popular. Even with the higher security measures that these providers tend to implement, they are still the most likely targets for hacking scams or viruses than premium options out there. So take advantage of the email account that is often included with your satellite service, your cable service or through your internet provider. These are less targeted and more highly monitored directly through the provider that is offering it to you.


  1. Get Password Protected

Password Protected


All that you do online should be protected through a password. Make sure you protect your email with a password. Access to your email account, your files available through that account that you might have saved, or private information that you are storing on your computer itself all becomes available when a hacker can just walk right into your virtual front door.


  1. Make Your Password Complex

One of the easiest access points for hackers that can do a little bit of research about you is figuring out your easy passwords. So do yourself a favor and make sure that they are not something that someone is going to be able to guess quickly. Hackers can be patient people who know how to cover their tracks well. So you may have no idea that someone has been trying for several days to figure out your password. You can generate a complex password on


  1. Change Things Up

On a regular basis you should be changing your password for your email protection. This should not be something that is used all over the internet for all of your accounts either. That is inviting a hacker into your trove of personal information in a buffet style. Mix up your passwords and keep them separate from each other.


  1. Get Everything Up To Date

A lot of issues that people have with hacking to their webmail accounts is using outdated software. Their browsers and their security software haven’t gone through the right updates. These are designed to help combat the latest threats to your email and privacy, and it would be a great plan to ensure that everything you are using online is at its latest version. Keep in mind, your internet security in general is only as strong as the weakest bit of software that you are using.


  1. Anti-Virus Software

Kaspersky Anti ~Virus

This bit of software is specifically designed to find, remove or destroy threats to your computer and your webmail services alike. Newer software can aid in email spam prevention, and in many cases keep that folder completely spam free altogether. This is done in part by helping to protect email address on website from spam, namely adware that can attach itself and backdoor its way into your account. You can opt for a premium service such as Kaspersky or opt for free software such as AVG.


  1. Private Webmail

Keep your information guarded when you are inputting it online. Take the time to ensure that the site you are giving this information to is reputable. It takes just one mistake along these lines to take secure webmail and make it something that you no longer have control of. If you buy premium internet packages webmail is generally included.


  1. Get Serious About Protecting Everything

How to make a folder with passwords? That’s something that you should know all about. With premium accounts, you should be able to easily set up folders on your private webmail account that is password protected. This is designed so that emails that you might send or receive with sensitive information are protected by an additional layer of security. Ensure that the password you use for the folder is not the same as the password that accesses your email account.


  1. Too Good To Be True

You have to get wise about the tricks and schemes all over the internet to get instant access to your computer or your personal information stored within your email account. If it sounds too good to be true, it is almost certainly the case. You aren’t going to get a free expensive electronic, you aren’t the millionth visitor to a website, and there is no easy access to quick money on the internet. Do not put your email into these things as you have almost certainly given a hacker the key to your information.


  1. Recognizing The Dangers

It isn’t just the low key spamming from your email account that you have to worry about if your webmail service is hacked. Your credit can be in danger and all of the money that you have saved. It wouldn’t take long for someone to rifle through old or current emails to gain all kinds of knowledge about your personal life, and then use every bit of it to their advantage. Be smart about what you are keeping on the internet, what you are sending and receiving. Permanently delete sensitive information as soon as you can to limit your risks.


What To Do When Email Account Is Hacked

Email has been Hacked

First off, you need to get on there and get rid of anything a hacker might not have come across. You know that account better than anyone, so dump sensitive information as soon as you possibly can. Notify your provider that your security has been breached and see what solutions they offer to help remedy that. You might need to set up a new account altogether depending on the severity of the issue. Follow for more great tips & tricks.